Cruyff International Nederlands

CRUYFF INTERNATIONAL has been a well-established sports company for more than 30 years now. We became widely known because of our wholesale and retail trade in sports goods, our supply/advice office for teams, clubs and sponsors and because of our PR/marketing division, which organizes full provided trips to matches and events world wide for many years. The real sports fans, like members of the fanclubs of Johan Cruyff and FC Barcelona, know how to find us already. Besides CRUYFF sports & events collaborates and thinks with companies about their sales and promotions, relationship marketing, business-to-business activities, et cetera.

cruyff     Father Cruijff, Henny (7) & Johan (5)
Ajax Stadium - April 1952

At CRUYFF INTERNATIONAL, sports events and sports incentives have been an approved succes for many years. Interested? Let us know your wants and needs without any engagement. For more information and bookings, please contact:

Henny Cruyff

Private office Henny C. Cruyff
Tel: +31.(0)20-6454606
Mobile: +31.(0)6-24141414

Attention. Because of abuse of the name Cruyff we have no more interventions with the sport shop Smit (Cruyff).